Photo Shoot with Zaiah

Photo Shoot with Zaiah

Here is a photo shoot we did in Sydney’s West on a day where there was a good chance of rain. So we set about trying to find a bike workshop that we could use. John from Sydney Forklift Trucks came to our aid.

The trike for the shoot was the winner in The recent Bankstown Custom Bike show.  Bill (the owner) gladly obliged to loaning us his bike for this shoot.

Zaiah our model is from the Central Coast and although she was getting over the flu, soldiered on throughout the day. I think you’ll agree Zaiah will make any bike look good. So to test this theory we pictured her on a postie bike. Look below for the picture.

You will also notice a bare bike frame and engine in the video and some of the pictures. This frame and engine is a project John is currently working on with a close associate Wendy. Wendy Grace is a airbrush artist and this bike, when completed, will be their showcase together. We will keep you posted on the progress of this bike over the months ahead.

We had a blast doing this photo shoot and hope you enjoy the video and pictures below.



The Trike


Owner Details
Item Details
Name Bill
Suburb Greenacre
Make & Model
Item Details
Trike Completely Custom
Engine Ultima 127 cubic inch
Details Bill built this because he wanted to do something completely different
Awards This trike won 1st prize (in it's class) at the Bankstown Bike Show – 2016
Features Dual chain drive and dual 300 rear tyres.
Rego It's street registered and Bill rides it everywhere. Including weddings and other events

Behind the scenes



Makeup by: Xya Grant

Model: Zaiah
Sassy Strippers:
Ph: 0428 880 788

Sinistar Customs:
Ph: 0437 922 261

Sydney Forklift Trucks:
Ph: 0413 800 089

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