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The ideal gift idea for bikers

I’m always keeping an eye on durability and opportunities for development. Constant improvement is a part of the Andy Strapz ethos.

Designed to get A4 size folders about the Scoota Bag has been a popular “wearable bag” of ours for a decade or so.

Aussie oilskin is a fabulous fabric that develops a stylish patina over years of use. It does, however, have some downsides. It’s greasy and essentially designed for clothing and as a bag fabric it scuffs more rapidly than our heavy nylons at wear points and corners.scoota-bag

The simplest solutions appeal to me, so attacking the problem laterally, we replaced the fragile bits with really tough bits, then matched it all up to make a visually appealing bag. Vulnerable to wear was the centre band or spine of the old design. Now it’s 1000 denier (many textile jackets are 600 denier) abrasion resistant, nylon Kodra. This is matched to the internal front for aesthetics.

We have also moved to new generation ‘oil-less’ oilskin. Officially called Fortress it turns 100% cotton fabric into a microporous, hydrophobic, breathable, washable bag that looks just like old fashioned oilskin.

The result is what we have come to describe as Black ‘n’ Tan. This is now the one and only fabric option for Andy Strapz Scoota Bagz. The best of both worlds!

Price is $69 each plus postage.

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