Sturgis 2015-Riders Contributions

Sturgis 2015-Riders Contributions

In this section we hope to bring you the photographs contributed by the Riders on the Elite Special Events Sturgis 2015 tour.

Elite Special Event Tours also do tours to:


Thank you Peter Egan for the following contribution to the San Francisco to Sturgis 2015 Tour.

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Our warmest thanks to Tracey Carlyon & Brett Cocking for the below contribution. [Updated 24/11/2015]

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Our warmest thanks to Gary & Kim Lavender for the below contribution.

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Our warmest thanks to Kerry & Neil Ormond for the below contribution.

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Audio in the below video was muted by YouTube due to Taylor Swift playing on the Electra Glide’s radio. I could barely hear it… what can ya do?

Our warmest thanks to Mark & Sue Mcardle for the below contribution.

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