2015 Aussie invasion of Sturgis

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2015 Aussie invasion of Sturgis.

Many years have been spent developing our plan, recruiting our ‘Elite Troops’ and readying them for action. We even sent two battle seasoned senior personnel, one month ahead to re-con the roads and ensure the winter snows had cleared on the treacherous North Western route into Sturgis. You can see intelligence photo’s taken of their mission here.

At long last D-Day was upon us. One battalion was despatched via San Francisco a week ahead to cause a diversion and draw the opposing forces. Two whole battalions (the main invasion force) left a week later from Las Vegas and another smaller battalion from Denver to reinforce the first 3 battalions as necessary and escort them to their evacuation point after the battle was over. All three forces converged on Sturgis simultaneously and the battle was on.

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Much to our surprise the Americans met us with open arms, warm handshakes and much beer. Unshaken we battled on to see who could consume more beer, who had the dirtiest bikes and who could spin the best yarns. The battle continued for 4 days without either side capitulating.

Finally both were completely exhausted and a draw was called. It was time to return and regroup our troops. Some vowed to return and continue the mission in later years. Some remained undercover for weeks afterward and continued to offer intelligence whilst travelling to other destinations.

The following pictures and videos are of our heroic attempt to invade America by stealth. Alas the mission did not go as planned. Battle scarred, but undeterred, we will return.

If you wish to volunteer for the next mission go to this site: www.eliteset.com.au for all the information.

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The below gallery of photographs includes the ‘Cody – Night Rodeo’, and you’re wondering what us bikers are doing there? Well… over a 130 years ago bikers existed. They rode ‘organic motorbikes’ called horses. Back then they were called ‘Cowboys or Cowgirls’. The below photographs and video’s truly do their heritage justice. The skills they have attained makes me wonder what they will be capable of if given a Dyna Super Glide and an empty car park.

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