Tinkerbell’s Bike

Hi Brett , I had always dreamed of owning my very own Purple Harley since I was about 6 years old. My goal was to have it by my 40th birthday. I started looking for ”The One ” in my mid 30’s… A few days before my 40th birthday I sat on this girl. Straight away it was love at first site. I knew we were made for each other. My arms, legs were in the exact position I had imagined and it felt as comfortable as my own skin…

She is a 2003 , 100 Anniversary 1200 Sportster. She was only a year old and still in mint condition with her Black/Silver paint job. The only thing I did was drop it to as low as it could go and put a slim bad lander seat on. That way I could reach the ground. I kept her all original up until last year, when I decided to get rid of the front spoke wheel and put on a nice mag. I also gave her a new paint job. Shortened the back indicators, altered the brake light and number plate position. Everything else is Original.

The guy who painted it actually caused about 4 and a half grands worth of damage to my bike. Therefore I don’t want to mention his business name which is quite sad, because I love the paint job. It has silver crystallising and marbling and rainbow glitter. It looks amazing in the sun. Unfortunately it is another cloudy day here so can’t get you a better pic.

I love riding with the girls, we will take any excuse to hit the road and get away on the weekends for a ride. We have met some amazing people including “The Mountain Brothers” who we love to catch up with…

… Tinkerbell

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