2WheelBabe-Babe Raid

The 6th Annual 2WheelBabe – Babe Raid

The rumble of motorcycles could not be missed in Ballina again this September as women came from all across Australia to attend the 6th 2WheelBabes Babe Raid. This annual event is the biggest of its kind internationally and it is only for women riders, pillions and admirers, it was definitely a blessing for all Women riders as there was a lack of recognition in the community for many years.

If you haven’t heard of the Babe Raid yet, you are missing out on a wonderful experience. Don’t expect to be bored, and do expect to not be able to wipe the grin off your face after the weekend of fabulous adventures. These women do nothing in halves, with the weekend including things like, show and shine, gymkhana, talent shows, themed dress up dinners, rider training seminars, massage therapy, markets, scavenger hunts, raffles and prizes, but wait there is also amazing bands, a vast range of shops for the women to get their retail fix in, lots of food, demo rides and thai chi, did I mention massages?

Ballina hosted an amazing 215 Women in total over the weekend event, and was supported by amazing sponsors including Triumph Australia, North Coast V Twins, Northcoast Contractors, Ultimate Satisfaction, GirlRiders, Shark leathers, GoGet, AaquaFfresh and the Australian Hotel.

Debb Dagger has been running this event since the inception in 2009, with the first Raid being launched in 2010, The single Mum of 2 and Professional Property and Events Manager, volunteers her times to create this event each year with profits being given to Australian Charities.

It is important in her life to ensure that the local community is supported as well as Australian Charities, and that Women come and feel like queens for the weekend, “we are here to Celebrate women of all ages who love motorcycles, regardless of if they are a rider, pillion or admirer and regardless of if they ride a scooter, 3 Wheels, or size of Motorcycle.

Debb would like to thank her amazing volunteer crew, Kath, Sandra, Louise, Ann, Rosalie and the awesome girls that stepped into their roles over the weekend to make things run smoothly, The Tonups, Girl Torque and the QFMR.

If you think you may have missed out this year, do not fear, The 2WheelBabes Babe Raid is currently run twice a year, in different locations, with the next Babe Raid being held in Echuca in from the 13th to 16th of November tickets can be purchased through the website www.2wheelbabes.com

There is also a World record being reclaimed by these amazing women in April 2016 in Dubbo – information and ticket purchases for women can be found on the same website www.2wheelbabes.com.


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