Milwaukee 8 night at Frasers Motorcycles

Milwaukee 8 night at Frasers Motorcycles

We decided to host an event to showcase Harley-Davidson’s brand-new member to the family, the Milwaukee-Eight and in particular the Softails. We invited a few of our closest friends to come in and touch, smell, hear and experience what the Milwaukee-Eight is all about, whilst indulging in some food and cold beer (you can’t get together and talk Harley’s without beer).

One of our master tech’s Elliott Andrews gave everyone a quick insight to the workings of a Milwaukee-Eight engine with the cutaway engine we had on display. A lot of riders have heard about how good these engines are so it was good to have Elliott explain why. The torque on these things is amazing. It always puts a smile on my dial every time I twist the throttle and get pushed back into the seat.

We spoke about suspension and how the bike now gives the rider great response and feel from the bike and how exhilarating the ride now is. It’s lighter, faster, handles better, stops better and can keep up with most bikes in the twisties. In order to talk the talk you need to walk the walk so we set up an obstacle course in the parking lot and gave a live demonstration on how these girls really handle. We threw the keys to a few lucky customers and opened up the course for them to feel the bike themselves. As expected, everyone was impressed. This aint your dad’s old Harley. The people yelled out and Harley-Davidson listened! You need to do yourself a favour and try one out. The improvements are amazing AND you still get that distinct feeling of being on a Harley.

Honorable mention goes out to Greg Ryan who had all of his fans in awe of his incredible riding skills. Women were fanning themselves and men were envious. It was like watching a ballet.

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