San Francisco to Sturgis

I recently had the opportunity to accompany my good friend John Cruwys from Elite Special Events Tours on a route planning trip to America. This time he is offering a new alternate route to Sturgis. It covers the North Western states on our way to Sturgis, South Dakota. We pick up the bikes at San Francisco and drop them off in Salt Lake City, Utah.

We covered 8 states along the way and found some roads that bikers will absolutely adore. The scenery and wildlife we encountered along the way was breathtaking. I have attached some pictures for you at the bottom of this post.

John’s attention to detail is astounding. He planned the breaks for fuel, lunch and rest stops along the way. Always offering something interesting for his travellers.

This year he will be operating two Sturgis tours. The main one from Las Vegas and this new one departing from San Francisco. We cover all the interesting places, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, Oregon, Washington State, Idaho, Montana, Yellowstone, Wyoming and onto South Dakota. The roads we take you wouldn’t find using a GPS. John has spent many years of his career exploring America in his capacity working as the General Manager of Sales for United Airlines. As is his policy we needed to travel the route to ensure everything is perfectly planned before the tour kicks off.

If you ever have the opportunity to travel to America you need to talk to John first. His website has all the details.


Enjoy the pictures. Click on any of them to see the larger image and let the slideshow begin.

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