2015 Aussie invasion of Sturgis #2

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2015 Aussie invasion of Sturgis – 2nd & 3rd Battalion Report.

This is the report from the 2nd & 3rd battalion led by Majors Cross and Bookem and commanded by Brigadier General Cruwys and his International Administration Assistant, Terry Ann.

These 2 Battalions left Las Vegas a week after the 1st Battalion left San Francisco. The 1st Battalion was the decoy to draw the enemy away from this main force which made their way South East and turning North East after Monument Valley. The secret map below outlines the routes taken. If you haven’t seen the 1st Battalions report it’s available here.

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Much to our surprise the Americans met us with open arms, warm handshakes and much beer. Unshaken we battled on to see who could consume more beer, who had the dirtiest bikes and who could spin the best yarns. The battle continued for 4 days without either side capitulating.

Finally both were completely exhausted and a draw was called. It was time to return and regroup our troops. Some vowed to return and continue the mission in later years. Some remained undercover for weeks afterward and continued to offer intelligence whilst travelling to other destinations.

The following pictures and videos are of our heroic attempt to invade America by stealth. Alas the mission did not go as planned. Battle scarred, but undeterred, we will return.

If you wish to volunteer for the next mission go to this site: www.eliteset.com.au for all the information.

These are the photo’s and video’s taken of the mission – Enjoy!

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